Inkjet cartridge recyling?

I used to recycle my old HP inket cartridges. Now I have a Canon Pixma 610 Multifunction printer and Staples doesn’t recycle them, nor do I see anything about recycling inket cartridges on the Canon site only toner cartridges. Does anyone have any ideas? I hate to toss them into the trash/landfill!

And btw… I [COLOR=Red]:heart:[/COLOR]LOVE[COLOR=Red]:heart:[/COLOR] my new printer!

I had a Pixma in my old office and I remember when Staples stopped accepting the cartridges for recycling.

Just checked with the Canon site and it says that, since the inkjet cartridges are essentially plastic, so you can just put them with your other plastic recyclables.

Here’s the statement:
[LEFT]Unlike Canon’s all-in-one [COLOR=BLUE][B]cartridges[/B][/COLOR], these toner containers are made mainly of plastic material making local recycling and local energy recovery possible and thereby reducing environmental impacts associated with the transportation of collected containers across the country.[/LEFT]

Yes, It is a great machine!

They do seem to be mostly plastic so that makes sense. Thanks!

You could also check with the local schools and libraries…around here they ask the students/kids to bring them in and they will recycle them for you :thumbsup:

Check if there’s an Officemax close to you, they have a refill program. Or there’s probably a few independent ink and toner shops around you who do recycle/refill.

I got an email from Canon and they said that they don’t recycle them, but they should be able to be recycled normally because they are plastic. :thumbsup:

I don’t know if you have an Island Inkjet where you are, but they refill them…even if you don’t need them, I am sure they would gladly take them in, and refill them for someone else…

I don’t care to have them refilled I just don’t want to add to the landfill whenever possible. :thumbsup:

I always give my cartridges to a friend who teaches at a Charter School. They get credit some how with them.

Yep…I just lost a Canon Inkjet (sadly it died) and got a laser printer…

I am going to take my old cartridges to Island Inkjet, where they will be recycled (refilled)…it will be nice if they give me a credit (they are mostly full tanks) but I will be happy just knowing that those cartridges will live another day…