Inishturk Sweater and FO-Twilight "Wall Blanket"

Here is a “Felted Bag” I made for my sister. (Front and back.) I ended up not felting it because I didn’t use the right yarn and I was nervous it would get messed up. It’s Way too big because I used Double Knitting (not apart of the pattern) and added a few sts to accommodate the wording. So I stopped halfway and bound off. When she saw it “still in progress” she said it would look good on the wall so I’m thinking I might keep the handle so she can just put it up. And she’s a huge fan of Twilight so I took all the couples names and put them on there.

I’m currently making the Inishturk Sweater from Lion Brand. I’ll post up pictures when I’m a little further along.

It’s wonderful! Great job! I really admire knitters who can do double knitting!

Thanks! :slight_smile: To tell you the truth, this was the first time I’ve ever done it. I just started knitting 2 months ago…it’s so fun! Double knitting was definitely interesting!

Well it turned out pretty cool even if it wasn’t exactly like you planned! Great job!!

Beautiful work! Super job for the first double knitting project! I haven’t tried to do double knitting yet…

Nice job!

That looks amazing!

I keep looking at it and saying “wow, that is so cool”! Nice job

Thanks! This has been such a long project. Between finding the lettering that I wanted to charting it out and encorperating it into the pattern. I’m happy to have finished it.

Looks terrific! The lettering came out great :thumbsup: