Ingrid's transformation

Ingrid’s looking even more…ummmm…fuzzy…than usual…

It’s my Easter Bunny costume! :smiley:

Hildy’s “Easter-ing”, too! :shifty:

It’s my american mcgee’s alice rabbit. :slight_smile: He’s a little :twisted: but it’s all i had!

I wondered what your icon was Hilde! :roflhard:

It’s sooo cute!

yes, I’m a follower. I had to do the easter thing too :slight_smile:

I thought it was some sort of grumpy frog. :??

Thanks to Jan, I’m joining in on the Easter Parade, too. :smiley:

BTW, Sandra, I had picked out that little Neopet to use as my avatar a few days ago, and I came on & saw that you already had it. So cute!!