Ingrid question about cozy shawl

I think I read that you are working on the cozy shawl. I’m thinking about it, but was wondering about yarn. Altho the silk is beautiful, I don’t want to try it yet and was wondering what size it is. I thinking I could use sports weight wool ease I got on sale at Tuesday Morning Dept. store. I did up a small sample and it seemed about right. I also was thinking I could increase the cast ons to 115 instead of 85 in order to make it bigger. Any recommendations for me? Thanks!!! Is it very hard? If that doesn’t work, I may try

It wasn’t hard at all. It’s a 6 stitch repeat for each odd row, and the evens are purls. Even the odd rows are technically repeats of another one but the difference is only that the row starts in a different place. Still, I did find lifelines to be invaluable. I would equate the silk called for with about a worsted weight. You could use the sport weight and make it larger. I would use a smaller needle, though. It depends how ‘airy’ you want it. It could easily go either way. It’s more of a warm wrap than a shawl.

Mine measures about 22 inches by 70 inches unblocked.

It’s done, and it really didn’t take me very long, so any more questions, let me know!

I saw this today during my shawl search and wondered if it would be a good first chart to do but then I looked at the shawl and well… :shock: its very pretty I need to just do a chart :lol:

It’s not on a chart, but I would have preferred it was. I managed after a while to just carry a post-it note around with me with an abbreviations of the front-side rows on it. I also needed to check off each row as I did it.

:doh: teehee another blonde moment I thought that graph at the bottom was the chart you will come to find out that I have ALOT of blonde DUH moments :rollseyes:

Thanks so much Ingrid!!!
So, if I double the sportsweight yarn, then it should be worsted weight if I understand correctly. Therefore, I could double the yarn for the Cosy shawl. Do you think that would work? I have decided to make the Cosy shawl I do have a question about row 3-- When you psso, you pass the sl1 over the k2tog?

Dustinac-- are you talking about the cosy shawl from or the lace shawl from
I tried a few rows of the shawl from and I’m thinking that it’s not specific enough for a beginner. I could follow the graph pattern, but could decipher what to do around all the edges. I ended up with a big mess :??

mshelton, I was talking about the one I seen it but it looked complicated so I backed away slowly from it :lol:

I was checking out the yarn last night. It’s a tad bit lighter than the worsted that happened to be next to it, but not at all fluffy. I think that if you double the woolease, it will be ok weightwise. I think I would go up a needle size just to make sure the stitches weren’t too tight.

And yes, the psso goes over the k2tog.

Thanks, thanks and thanks again!! I will try doubling the yarn and tried it on size 9’s.