hi ,
I want to know about What :?? :shrug: is Users browsing this forum:
tell me about this and matadoer also :aww: :blush: .Thanks
syeda :teehee: :lol:

When you reply to a post, you will see a collection of “emoticons” to the left of the message area. These are short-cuts that indicate the writer’s state of mind.

If you run your mouse over each one, you will see a caption. :shrug: means “shrugging shoulders,” or “who knows?”
:?? means “scratching head” or “I don’t understand.” :teehee: means “giggling.” :aww: equals “blushing.”

I don’t see one that looks like a matador (bullfighter).

Is this what you wanted to know?

User’s browsing forum is just the people online who happen to be browsing the forum… look at it and reading the posts. The emoticons express the writers emotion.

I believe Syeda means Moderators… these are people, special peoples, who have been given the power to ‘modify’ any posts that are made, or completely remove them, if the content is innapropriate.

“Users browsing this forum” means who’s looking at that particular forum either right now or within the past 5 minutes.