Info re: picking up stitches to finish arm hole edges and neck edge

Hi everyone, I am almost finished knitting the Lillian Tank

I am wondering, at the part where I am to pick up the arm hole stitches and the neck stitches to finish the tank with ribbing, do I pick up each and every stitch or not all of them. If I pick up all of them I am thinking that the neck line may be flimsy or saggy but I am not sure. I thought I read somewhere that it isn’t always necessary to pick up each and every stitch to finish the edges.

You pick up in every stitch along horizontal edges, such as the back of the neck. For vertical edges it’s more like 3 stitches out of every 4, and for a curved or slanted edge usually 2 out of every 3 works. If a vertical edge is garter stitch, then you pick up 1 out of every 2 sts. More or less - sometimes you have to just try it out and see what ratio works according to your stitch to row gauge.

Great information, Sue. I’m copying it into another document for safe keeping and easy reference!