Infant sock pattern for a 4 1/2 inch foot

If anyone has a pattern for a 4 1/2 inch foot would be great, I don’t mind it being slightly bigger since you know they do shoot up like pea =)

I have a post on my blog with directions for this 4.5 inch sock.

If the actual foot is 4.5 inches long you might want to make it a little longer. The one on my blog is knit with regia and size US 2 needles. If you wanted it a little bigger, you could go with a size US 3 needle and some sport weight yarn or cascade fixation.

The post explains the changes you need to make to the tropical punch slipper sock pattern on the free pattern page (link at the top of my blog).

Hope this helps.

Mama Bear

thank you so much =)

not many patterns that tell you how many inches they measure up.

Most I found were for premi-infant-and childrent and not specify how many months they are, or the how long it should be.

i have had problems finding socks for “toddlers” lately. It seems that the problem is that they refuse to grow at the same rate so it is hard to tell a good size. I thought this seemed like a good alternative…

now if only i can get my friends to give me the measurements.

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