Infant 1 piece sweater

Recently finished a sweater for my 4 months old dear daughter(DD)!

That is darling :teehee:

Awww that’s adorable!

that is so sweet!!! don’t forget to take a pic of the darling baby wearing it! :slight_smile: MKZ

:muah: That is adddooorableee!!! :heart: it

Too cute!

awww how sweet looks great

Hi! momwolf,Jan in CA,marykz,Godiva337,rebecca,YouCantBuyThisMovement
Thank you all for your sweet comments.

That’s beautiful!! Would you mind sharing the pattern? I have twin godchildren coming this summer and once I finish their quilts I was thinking it would be fun to knit them something for the fall. :slight_smile:


That is so cute!

BEAUTIFUL!!! Pattern, please???

Thank you Abbily(Carey) ,Ginger0104(Ginger) & Shelleyj3 for the wonderful comments.
Carey, that’s great you are thinking of making sweaters for your godchildren, after finishing your quilts for them.
I’am so glad you like the sweater and I would be most happy to share the pattern with you all on KH(
I will soon write down and post the pattern here and also in a downloadable format on my blog.
Infact in my mind there are other patterns too which I would like to share with you all!

It’s adorable. I bet the picture would be even more adorable if the sweater was on the 4 month old. Hint, hint. :teehee:

Here’s the pattern for you all:
You can also find downloadable pattern for the one-piece sweater at my blog:

Happy Knitting !
Thanks! Rennagayle for your sweet comment.Hope to post that too
Dewdrops :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pattern!

My pleasure!

that so cute!

Thanks, Cristy for you comment.
Just dropped in to inform everyone.
This webpage has the deailed pattern:
1-piece sweater
The pattern in the downloadable ms-word format on my blog had few minor details missing, which I have added now for easier grasping.
Hope you enjoy knitting it!