Inexpensive good quality yarn?

Hi i am new around here and i would like to know some websites where they sell inexpensive but good quality/pretty/beautiful yarn! :heart: My crocheting friend (who also knits! :yay:) needs pretty but basic yarn so that she can see the stitches more clearly but make it look complicated to crochet up. This should be in the crocheting section but apparently not. WE sell our hand-knitted/crochet items and donate all the profits to charity/dog foundations. TIA! :flirt:
PS - To any of you “old” knitters, we would like to find some easy knitting sox patterns. Thanks! :heart:
I am sooo frustrated with my yarn and the patterns for sox that i have. :wall: has some really wonderful yarn in beautiful colors, and it isn’t very expensive. I just finished up a sweater with Palette, which might be perfect for socks, the website has some suggested patterns for socks using the yarn. That particular yarn is $1.99/50g ball. A book I would recommend for socks would be I haven’t knit out of this book, but I have worked out of her mitten book, and she’s great at explaining patterns.

How about a self-patterning yarn? Paton’s Soy Wool Stripes (can’t find a retailer online, but popular craft store Michaels carries this yarn) is a yarn that can be hard to work with as it’s not plied, so it’s off-limits to crocheters, but you, as a knitter, may love it. A crochet-friendly yarn that self-patterns is Lily’s Sugar’n Cream, which comes in Solids/Prints, Stripes, and Twists (differently-colored plies). Lily’s yarn is also cheap as dirt, maybe even cheaper. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re looking for yarn that knits up into a material with an interesting texture, you’re getting farther away from solid stitch definition and ease of use.

Also, on another note, please don’t sell products you knit from free patterns, unless you have the explicit permission of the pattern’s creator, or it says somewhere in the pattern that you may sell their product. Most pattern creators prefer you don’t.

Try Plymouth Encore.

Some of the other Paton’s yarns are also multicolored, acrylic, and are plied more than SWS and would be good for either knitting or crochet. Caron’s Simply Soft is very inexpensive and very soft.

Oh goodness…there are lots of sites with reasonable prices.

I love RamWools, Yarn Market, and Knit Picks.

Gee, thanks Nathalie! I just went to RamWools and drooled all over my keyboard. :roflhard: I just HAVE to win that lottery!


check out too

And I looked at this thread why?? :stuck_out_tongue: I certainly don’t need anymore yarn…happy yarn shopping to you and could you make sure someone bans me from buying more?

thank you all so much!! my friend an i checked most of them out and loved them!!! :yay: