iNeed an iPod pattern

I have three friends with whom I’d like to knit-along an iPod cozy. Two of the friends are brand new knitters and the third has knitted off and on over the years just as I have. I’ve spend a few hours Googling patterns. The simplest one that I’ve found is from Chocolate and Vodka.

While searching KH, I found a link that showed buttons stitched to Apple’s version of the sock, which you’d wind the earbud cords around. I think those would be cool added to the back of the link I posted. Then you’d have a pocket on the front and the buttons on the back and could use either one, depending upon the user’s preference.

In deference to the noobs, I need to keep it as simple, yet fun and good looking, as possible. Can anyone offer a link to a better free pattern?

This one might not be the easiest for beginning knitters, but I love it.

However, you may be able to take out the middle pattern and it would still be nice, and easier. :shrug:

Felted I-pod holder
Here’s some

Thanks, ladies! I found those already in my Googling efforts. I’m a difficult woman. The only other simple, yet appealing, one that I found is this felted one, which will also work as a cell phone cozy. I think I’ll offer those two as options and allow them to choose.