Individual patterns from magazines for sale?

Howdy waves

Between a surprise surgery, school and loosing most of my hours at work, I’m on a very tight budget. I still got a large yarn stash that I can work with but I have this problem…

I’m interested in the scarf pattern in this KAL:
Scarf KAL

And the Kenobi Jacket pattern in this one

I’ve gone through the pictures of the other patterns in both these magazines and I’m not really interested in them. And with my budget, I really can’t afford buying the magazine just for one pattern.

I know that some online yarn places, sell individual patterns for download.
Is there any place where I could find both of these patterns and download them w/o spending a mint in them?

Edit: I don’t have an LYS closeby, and I’ve checked the library. They don’t carry the magazines.

patterns are copy righted

most knitting magazines 'rent" the copyright. (that is, they have permission to print, sell it, and keep income. sometimes for a limited period, some times so long as they own back issues of the magazine)

The author rarely (all most never) loses the right to sell the pattern for themselves.

contact the author and find out if the pattern is available, and for how much.

Magazine make money from sales and ads. Designers make money from the sales of magazines --(large zines, with bigger circulations pay more money than zines with smaller circulations–most often)

(no ads zines (mostly on line) such as, started out with no pay for designers.

Now, has ads and it pays (a low rate perhaps, but something) to designers) the ezine might be ‘free’ (but there are ads)

there are plenty of free patterns out there. (but very often they are worth just what you paid for them.)

you want a pattern, you pay the freight. there are no “FREE” download, (legal ones) to a copyrighted pattern, unless they come from author.

you want designers to continue to design? then show them you VALUE their efforts. PAY THEM.

I think your best bet is contact the magazine with as much information as you have (pattern name, issue #, etc) and ask them about it.

of Troy: I probably wrote my post wrong. I WILL PAY FOR THEM. I just don’t want to pay for the whole magazine. If they’re available for purchase I will more than certainly pay for the pattern.

Thx for your help.

If the magazines are available at your library, you can copy them there. It doesn’t break copyright law to copy a few pages out of a magazine or a book for your own use.


Realistically, you arent going tp buy a pattern for much less than a magazine costs. Most patterns cost between $5-7, so you are going to pay just as much if you just buy the magazines. Check your LYS- sometimes they sell the back issues for cheaper.
I have the Vogue issue if you have something to swap?

Yeah, that’s what I got to thinking after I posted the initial question.

I don’t have much to swap at the moment, but thank you so much for the offer :hug:

I’m gonna keep looking around ^^
Maybe I can convince the local library that it’s good to carry a wide variety of knitting magazines? :teehee: