Indian spirit chimes

OK, this is kind of odd. Please don’t think me a kook. But here is my story. I have two dream catchers as well as a spirit chime hanging above my bed. I have a ceiling fan, that even when on high does not make the chimes jingle. (Very disappointing because I hung them above the bed for the purpose of hearing them while drifting off to sleep - the fan is on most nights) I have had these chimes above the bed for many years and never hear them at all. That being said, yesterday morning, I had been awake for a while but was just snuggling under the covers. The fan was on, as it had been all night. All of sudden, out of the blue, the chimes started jingling. Not just a jingle here, a jingle there. They were [U]really[/U] making noise. I turned on the light and they were moving around quite a bit, as were the dream catchers. After a few minutes, they stopped. While I do believe we are not alone in this world, I am skeptical of most of the ghost stories, etc. I have heard and seen on TV, and believe that a lot of the time there is a logical, scientific explanation for things. However, this has me a bit wierded out, since it defies logic for those chimes to jingle like that when they have never done so before. I would also like to note that I have a regular old wind chime in my room, near the bed, that did not make any noise! I have been searching the net to see if I can figure out what it is supposed to mean when the chimes jingle but not having any luck. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this for me or had something similar happen?

Nope, can’t say I have, but, I did have something odd happen to me a few days ago…I was standing in my kitchen and all of a sudden, my left foot started vibrating! It was the strangest thing, it felt like I was standing on a cell phone that was set to vibrate. It lasted about 10 seconds then stopped. Later in the day, I also heard these weird noises coming from a set of speakers I have in my kitchen, and the speakers were turned off. Maybe some kind of electromagnetic thing, or the government doing some type of testing??? lol

I’ve had strange “ghostly” things happen to me as well but I, as you, believe there is most likely a logical scientific explanation…I just cannot bring myself to believe it’s “ghosts” without having some sort of substantial, solid, scientific evidence that would indicate there is just absolutely no other possibility. We just don’t know, and, based on that, I cannot simply assume a ghost is responsible for the strange occurrences when it could be anything.

I suggest asking family and friends if anything was happening to them at the time your heard the jingling.