Incubation Period (details, be warned)

Last week was Winter Break, so each kid had a sleepover with a few friends. One friend stayed late after the party (both Mom and Dad were not able to pick her up.
about 6 hours after she left my house she started Vomitting (“What did you feed my kid?”), no fever, or Diarrhea, just vomitting. Then about 24 hours after that child left my house, my Daughter, the girl who was the focus of the party, started throwing up (I guess it was not my food after all) so I called the parents of the other kids, to give them a heads up (all seemed confused why i would be calling them just because MY kid was sick).
My Daughter only Threw up about 4 times in as many hours, no fever, no Diarrhea, not even feeling SICK, other than nauseus.

NOW, my next older daughter is Puking, with SEVERE abdominal Pain, and Diarrhea. She is BLASING with heat, but her temp has not gone above 99.0 yet, but she aches, Pukes, poops, has headache, abdominal pain, back pain, malaise, Exhaustion, Sore throat (from Puking) Stuffy nose (from Puking). Each time I try to give her IB she has WORSE stomach pain, then gets sick enough to get it out, then settles back to feeling horrible.
This is my Kid who felt worse about being held home from school than she did about being sick this morning, now she is asking if she is going back on FRIDAY, she does not want to even try for tomorrow, and might stay home till Monday


I feel crappy too, not good, will it be one day, 3 days, 7 days?
What is MY incubation period?
I cannot even knit for other people when I M sick, so I M vastly limited in what I can do to fill my time

We had that bug. It has a CRAZY incubation period. My dh and dd just had the diarrhea, almost a week later my son was vomiting for 2 days (poor thing!), and about 4-5 days later, my youngest had it one evening. The youngest 2 had fevers, and they [I]all[/I] just looked completely miserable for a few days. I hope if you are getting it, you get a light version of it, and feel better soon!:hug:

My kids had the same thing. It wasn’t as bad for my daughter, she complained of a headache but had no fever, a stomach ache but no diarrhea, and only threw up twice, once each night for 2 nights, then she was fine. About a week later, my son got it and he had it bad. It started with him complaining of a stomach ache for about 2 days, then on the third day, he finally started getting sick and had super nasty diapers. It lasted roughly a week for him. About a week after that, I had a horrible headache that lasted one day, and, my stomach hurt for about 2 days, but, that’s the worst it ever got for me.

Hoping your family recovers quickly and you’re not getting it!

Oh no it sounds bad. I heard on the news this morning that there is a new strain of the flu going around, maybe thats what it is? I hope you and your children feel better soon :hug:

We had this stomach bug last December. It hit us all with varying degrees of severity, and we were kind enough to pass it along to DH’s coworkers at the company Christmas party. Who in turn passed it around to their friends and family.

It’s a wickedly contagious bug, but fortunately passes almost as fast as it incubates.

I hope you all feel better real soon!! :hug:

if my Stomach upset is Severe Reflux (that I have had for the last few days) or a VERY VERY mild version of this Bug (its not the flu, this years flu is described with Resp Symptoms over GI)

I wish I could just be WELL

oh well


Actual influenza often does have a respiratory involvement.

What most of us call the “stomach flu” is not an actual flu, but a gastrointestinal virus. It involves nausea, vomiting and sometimes fever.

I had what I think was influenza and it is a nasty bug this year, with fever, chest and head congestion, cough, aching, sore throat…the whole nine yards. I also had a gastrointestinal bug at Christmas and it was awful, but lasted only a couple days.

ETA: I forgot… once when my kids were little we had a slumber party for DD1’s birthday. Everything was fine after the kids left till that evening when I started noticing the tell tale signs of chickenpox! I had to call all the parents and they were not happy. Too bad we can’t tell ahead of time someone is getting sick, but we can’t always. Oh well.

Hope you’re all feeling better. :hug:

Sounds like norovirus to me.

It’s highly contagious and it’s what is often referred to as the stomach flu. It’s extremely unpleasant but the symptoms don’t often last more than a couple of days. However, I think you can still shed the virus after you are feeling better. (something like two weeks?) (I didn’t actually read the link I posted … maybe I should go do that.)

I thought it might be just such a thing, except the Incubation period did not fit
2 days for Noro
10 for Norwalk
I did not know of any with such a large range of Incubation period
20-36* for the first kid, but 5-6 days for kid 2
AND still waiting to see if I get it at all

The good news, is all this me taking it easy, I am getting a LOT listed on E-Bay
and working on Knitting Slippers, so I can Felt them (and thus kill germs)