Incredible Mother Nature

Jan in CA and FeministMamma got me to thinking too. My husband is a beach person also, but me I’m a mountain girl. Unfortunately we live on the plains in Texas. We do though go regularly to the Rockies where we get to see breathtaking scenes everywhere. Someday I hope to live there so that I can take it in every day, but till then I’ll have to make do with pictures like these.

How pretty!

Beautiful pictures! Last week, I put together a slide show for my supervisor…using the pictures she took during her trip to Alaska, Seattle, and Canada. We don’t see that kind of scenery down here in Florida.

God sure did use the full spectrum of the rainbow when He painted His world! :heart:

Ohhhh those are beautiful! I love the mountains, too. My favorite place to go is to a redwood or sequoia forest although they are not all in the mountains.

Thank you for posting the pictures. Between you and Jan and Femmy, we’ve had some beautiful views lately.

My DH and I are going to the coast this week, I’ve got a favorite place where the forest leads down to the ocean, and sitting on a rock sunning myself like a seal always calms my soul.

Well the sequoias are :slight_smile:

I love the redwoods! One of the most magical places to be :slight_smile:

So pretty! I don’t live near any mountains or the beach, but I do have a beautiful state park very close to where I live.
Here’s some pictures of beautiful Letchworth State Park.

I love the pictures. Keep 'em coming.:cheering:

Beautiful pictures.

Here’s views I see sometimes on my walks. It’s a view from the backside of my property.

Wow, that’s some view!

All of you posted such beautiful pics!

Wow. All I can say is wow. (and I love that Winnie the pooh quote too!)