Incredible, Custom-Fit Raglan Sweater

I just started an Incredible, Custom-Fit Raglan Sweater as a “charity knit.” I thought there might be others out here that would be interested in joining me either for yourself, a family member or charity.

I’m going to donate mine to Guidepost’s Knit for Kids. If I have enough yarn left, I thought I’d include a hat and maybe a scarf, too.

So, join me, if you will!! I cast mine on the other night, and I’m at about the 1/2-way point to dividing for the sleeves. Oh, and I’m using the chart measurements for a 2-year-old.

ooo i like it!

Sooooo, ya’ wanna knit wit’ me? :shrug:

Right after I finish wicked!!!

Ooo … I’ll have to go look @ that one.

I’ve knit 5 sweaters so far for Knit for Kids. :wink: I’ll have to check out this pattern. Thanks for the link.

:yay: Jan!!! Did you use the pattern they have on their web site? It looks easy, but I liked the raglan one better, I think. We’ll see!!! :wink:

I used it for 3 of them and I HATE that pattern. It’s a t-top pattern where you knit two identical sides and seam them. I hate seaming. I tried doing the bottom in the round and then splitting for the rest and that helped, but I still don’t like the neck opening…it’s just a slit. So I did the 4th with the KPS pattern I had for kids and another one from Knitting for Peace book.

One good thing about Knit for Kids is they accept acylic or any yarn where as some others like Afghans for Afghans, Children in Common and a few others only accept wool.

I’m SO glad to hear you say that! I couldn’t even bring myself to cast it on and give it a try. It’s just ugly! :frowning:

Your sweaters look GREAT, though! The colors look fantastic. I think I’m going to enjoy doing these, and I was happy about the acrylic, too, 'cause I have a whole container thats FULL of. Two people gave me mass quantities to use for charity knitting. I think I’ll make some squares for Warm Up America, too. It seems like a great way to try out some new stitch patterns.

OK … I need to run … I was just ranting in my blog about how I STILL needed to go exercise today …outta here :out:

Was it mass quantities of RHSS? :zombie: That’s what was mostly donated to me and I HATE that stuff! I’ve used it by mixing with other yarns to attempt to make it softer, but it’s awful. It’s so not a pleasure to knit with! :wall: I’m slowly using it up though.

No, fortunately most of it is Caron’s Simply Soft! Whew! I had SO donated to me, though, that I ended up throwing the worst of it away. I wouldn’t normally do that, but I couldn’t even stand to touch some of it. :help: