I’m going to start a triangular shawl and using a very simple stitch patter: k1, k1 yo k2tog with last stitch being a k1.
If I want to increase to make the triangle, will I, at each end, k2 instead of one?

You would probably just keep going until it’s the size you want or use more stitches. How does the basic pattern start, and is it from the bottom up or top down?

Suzee, there is no pattern, I’m just going to make it from a stitch I saw in a scarf. It’s so simple and the way I have it is the pattern for the scarf. I want to use that pattern to make the triangle shawl and start at the bottom of shawl.

Okay so you’ll start with one or 3 sts and increase 2 on every other row to make the increases. You can start with 3, knit a row, then k1, yo, k1, yo k1. Knit (or purl) a row, then k1, yo, k3, yo k1 and knit/purl the next row. Keep those YOs just inside the edge stitch to increase the size, then when you do the lace repeat - k1 yo k2tog - it’s over 3 sts and you might k1 to start and end it, you’ll have to see how it works out.

I’m sorry Suzee, I’m not understanding you. The original pattern is to, beginning of row to k1, k1, yo, k2tog end of row k1. So you are saying to start at bottom for a shawl and increase only every [I]other[/I] row? And make that row a knit only?

The stitches that you repeat are k1, yo, k2tog and that doesn’t make any increases, it just makes the lacey stitch. The YO adds a stitch, but the k2tog decreases a stitch. So you need to make more increases at the edges to make a triangular shawl. If you just want to use that stitch, you would make a rectangle by casting on a multiple of 3 plus 2 and knit across, with another k1 at the end. A multiple of 3+2 would be something like 59, 62, 65, etc.

I think I’ll make a stole :wink: