Hi. Am new to this site, but seems great. Am teaching myself to knit and started with mittens. Got the stockinette stitch and did the 6 rows of k1 row pearl 1 row. Now it says right increase, K2, left increase. Stuck here. Can anyone help

There are a couple of ways of doing right and left leaning increases.

Check out the video on this site and you will have no problems.

there are LOTS of ways to increase.

and some are persnickitty…

the stitches that are created (the increases)with the persnickitty increases smoothly move to the left or to the right…

but such details are just that, DETAILS (persnickitty details at that!)

YOU can learn these persnickity detail NOW or you can just increase and have a slightly less detail increase. (

the difference is small.

IF you are obsessive about detail, learn the right increase and the left increase NOW.

if you just want nice looking mittens, [B]use any increase[/B]–You might not even be able to see the difference… (at least, not now!)

many new knitters have problems telling a Knit from a Purl… (and if you are one of those knitter, you won’t see the difference in the increases either!)

Next year, or the year after, when you have learned more about knitting, you can make the mittens again, and with your improved knitting skills, go for the fancy increases (and see the difference!)

always remember, IT IS your Knitting… and you can chose how persnickitty you want to be! (and how detailed you want to be!)

Thank you for repling I will try:knitting: