I am kniting a baby jacket and have forgoten how to take the increase stitches in to patern. The patern as quite a few k1,Sl1,yf stiitches in it that makes like a diamond shape.It is the sleaves that I am struggling with. Did not know if I could scan the pattern to show as I am a new member and not sure how things work yet. Thankyou.

You can link to a pattern if it’s online, but if it’s one you bought you can’t post the whole pattern. You can however just put in the text of the part you are having problems with.

At the top of this page are tabs with a glossary for terms you may not know and many of them have links to the videos. You can also check Basic and Advanced Techniques for help as well.

I’m not quite sure what exactly you are needing help with… :think:

If you’re trying to keep the design in place as you add stitches on the sleeves, try to imagine the pattern expanding outward on each side.

If you have a chart for the pattern it’s helpful to envision what would come before the first stitch and after the last stitch.

Or, you could just do the increases in stockinette and have kind of a fake seam.:shrug: