When working on a stockinette project, can increasing be done on both knit and purl rows? I am supposed to increase ever 3/4 inch, the first inc was to be done on a right side row, but the measurement makes the next increase on a wrong side row. Can I increase on the WS (purl) side rows and it be ok or should I inc either a row short or a row extra on the RS (knit) rows?


You can increase just as well on a purl side. Check out Amy’s increase videos up in the Basic Techniques page - she gives purl side options for quite a few of them.

Thanks for the quick response! As I am left handed, I always have to reverse the videos and it takes awhile, but I appreciate you letting me know she has purl side increase videos.

Check out the M1F (Make One Front) Video. She has a video for both the knit and the purl side. It’s my favorite increase too as it’s practically invisible.