Hello happy knitters!

I was hoping some of you might have a tip. I have 88 stitches on my circular needle. I need to increase by 132 stitches. The way I calculate it, I can increase by 2, then by 1, then by 2 and so on to the last stitch in order to end up with 220 total stitches. However, I cannot figure out how to make two stitches without leaving a little eyelet (ie: GAPING HOLE) in my knitting.

Any tips?



Do the directions say you have to do it all in one round?

Are you knitting in stockinette or some other stitch pattern? The M1L or M1R increases would probably be the most invisible, no obvious hole!

Yes, it tells me to do it all in one round…which is the kicker. It’s going from garter stitch to a cable, so it might blend in okay, but it’s also going to be a purse, and I don’t want eyeliners and pens slipping out the bottom!

If you do a M1 inc, make sure you twist the stitch when you knit it. A kfb might be better if you’re going to inc so many in one round.


Thank you!