i start off with 41 stitches , the pattern is 6 rows , on the 5 row i am supposed to make 1 at the start and end , i have got to do 12 rows , so i made 1 at the start of row 5 on the second lot of 6 as well also i have to increase at each end of the 8th row ,the total stitches should be 45 and i keep ending up with 47 ,what am i doing wrong?

What is the name of the pattern and what are you making?

You said the repeats were on rows 5 and 8. That would give you 41 +4 = 45

My guess is the instructions can be simplified down to something like this:
β€œOn this next row begin the 6 row pattern with row 1 and repeat once more for a total of 12 rows. In addition you will also increase 1 st at both beginning and end of rows 5 and 8 of thw twelve rows. (You will then have 45 sts)”

Good luck.

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