Increasing with m1p, but missing in math? Always

Hi, increasing from 43 stitches to 54. Here is the paragraph I’m having issue with. (Using the largest size)

P7(5:5:7), pick up loop between last and next st and purl into the back of this loop(this will now be referred to as m1p) (p3, m1p) 8(10:10:10) times, p6(4:4:6). 46(50:50:54) sts.

I tried charting this out and came up two stitches short. I was helped so much with my last issue, I knew where to come the next time around- Kim

For this kind of increase, you are working into the loop or bar between sts. For the largest size, you should p7, m1p, (p3, m1p) [I]10times[/I], p6. That’s 1 increase plus 10 increases =11sts increased (43 + 11=54).

Thanks so much for your help- After I posted and went back to my charting, I realized I was mistaken. I thought I was two stitches long, but realized I counted one extra and had a make 1 to begin the pattern.
My next issue was not understanding the twist in the stitch for the m1p, so I ended up with little holes along the way. I’ve learned to knit by video, but wasn’t understanding this m1p by watching the knit version and ‘just do it with purl stitch’. So, after back knitting, dropping a stitch, saving it but thinking I’ve done it incorrectly, I saved the whole mess in a bag with an explanation of what I did until I can visit with my knitting guru.
The upside is, once I get straightened around to the beginning, I understand how to proceed from there. :). Thanks again