Increasing while doing seed (aka MOSS) stitch

Hi Everyone,

I am a brand new knitter, started in Oct and just completed my first project - a baby hat for my new nephew. I am now starting baby booties for a pregnant friend and have hit a snafu. The booties are done in seed stitch which I have mastered. My problem is doing increases. I have tried a # of different increase techniqes and they either leave a small hole which looks terrible or the increase creates two purl stitches next to one another or two knit stitches next to one another which then ruins the knit,purl, knit, purl aspect of the seed stitch and makes it look funny. any suggestions? I appreciate any and all responses and thank you in advance!


Well you have come to right place. Because I am using the seed stitch which I have never done and am trying to learn how to decrease.

The basic answer is this: you have to do two increases to maintain the stitch pattern. Try k1, p1, k1 all in the same stitch.

thank you for your response. I know how to K1, P1 in one stitch to increase (sew into the front and then the back of the stitch) but how do you K1, P1, K1 into the same stitch…I don’t understand where one would do the 3rd step in the stitch…is there enough room for that? thanks!

Okay, knit the stitch, but do not slide it off, bring the yarn forward between the needles, then purl the same stitch, but do slide it off, then take the yarn back again between the two needles and knit the stitch again, then slide it off.

Try that, it should work.

Any luck? Wondering how your project is going?