Increasing Trouble

Hi! I’m new to this forum, and relatively new to knitting. I’m working on making mittens

and I am having trouble when my pattern says:

"Continue in stockinette st, (knit one row, purl one row) increasing 1st after 1st marker and before 2nd marker on knit rows only until there are 14 sts between markers, knit to end of row. "

So, in between my markers, do I increase every stitch, or just the first one? I have 4 stitches in between my markers right now. Or does it mean increase only on the 1st and and last stitches in between markers? Help please! :smiley:

Thank you!!

Hi and welcome!
The pattern just wants you to increase 2 stitches total between the markers on each increase row: one stitch increased after the first marker and one stitch increased before the second marker. So if you have 4 sts now between the markers, after the next increase row, you’ll have 6sts.

In case you might find it useful, here’s a great tutorial on mittens. Kelley’s Mitten Class - Introduction It really helped me understand what I was doing and why.