Increasing sts in ribbing? (LMKG men's zippered raglan)

I’ve begun the first sleeve on my LMKG men’s zippered raglan and I can’t quite figure out how these increases are going to work. The pattern is k4, p4. The first 3 inches of the sleeve are in pattern. Then this is what it says for increasing:

Increase rnd: kf&b, knit to last st, kf&b - 2 sts increased. Work increased sts into the k4, p4 rib pattern as they become available.

I’m not getting it. At first glance, it makes it sound like I do a whole round of just knitting, starting and ending with the kf&b increases. But that is certainly not right - either intuitively or by looking at pics of the sweater in the book.

So am I just supposed to throw in a couple of kf&bs anywhere in the round? And if so, isn’t that going to throw the whole k4, p4 pattern off? The round begins and ends with a p2, so if I do the increases at beginning and end, I’ll be splitting up a p4 to do the increases. Does that sound like what I should be doing?

If the whole sleeve is ribbed, then work the rib pattern, increasing at each end.

When you work them next time, work them in pattern. That is, if it looks like this now:

. . ppkkkkppppkkkkppppkkkkpp, then the next row would be

. pppkkkkppppkkkkppppkkkkppp, then it would increase to

ppppkkkkppppkkkkppppkkkkpppp, then


It’ expands outward in pattern.

Great! Makes sense. Thanks, Ingrid! :muah: