Increasing stitches

I am working with garter stitch and when I follow the directions here ( on the 3rd stitch, something is not right? can someone take a look and give me some advice?

See pic attached.

Are you a new knitter? If you are then you may not know the person knitting in the video is knitting the knit stitches through the back loop which twists her stitches. I thought maybe she was knitting combined but she’s purling normally so the stitches remain twisted. Not sure why you’d do that for a demonstration video.

Anyway, I’m not sure what’s going on with your 3rd stitch, but some increases and decreases can show a little (or a lot). We have a whole section on increases at the video link at the top of the page if that helps.

Yes, I am a beginner. I tried the techniques in the videos below and I am still getting the same results. See attached image. (stitch that you are going from behind looks like it is in the back but in my work, it appears in the front. Do you think it has something to do with that?)

This is called the Nolita sweater and it’s a kit that I got from We Are Knitters so there’s no link for it.

Are there any other specific videos you recommend? I have looked for many videos and have not had any success.


Are you picking up the strand between the stitches rather than using the video in post #1? The videos you just linked to show that kind of increase and that should work well with garter stitch. You might also try knitting another row or two to see if the increase looks better. Or you could try this out with some scrap yarn rather than on your project.