Increasing stitches

A pattern I am following starts with 24 stitches then says (kfb, k1, kfb) to end - 40 stitches. I only have 36 stitches.
Where have I gone wrong?

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You may be missing out on the full repeat. The repeat is kfb,k1,kfb which takes 3sts each repeat and leaves you with 5sts. There are 8 repeats so the total increase will be 16sts.
It’ll help to place markers every 3sts just to keep on track.
You’ll be working (kfb,k1,kfb)(kfb,k1,kfb)(kfb,k1,kfb)(kfb,k1,kfb)(kfb,k1,kfb)(kfb,k1,kfb).(kfb,k1,kfb)(kfb,k1,kfb).

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Thank you. That’s brilliant. I should have said that I’m a beginner!

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