Increasing stitches

I am a fairly new knitter and have given my self the difficult task of a chevron pattern blanket, I have got the hang of it now but I have noticed that I have been increasing stitches and I don’t know how. I initially thought it was because I wasn’t transferring my working yarn to the back at the end of a pearl row but I still seem to be trying to cut out stitches and ending up with the same amount. PLEASE HELP!

Are the increased stitches on the end of the piece, or somewhere in the middle?

If you could post a picture and let us know the name of the pattern, that would help us to figure it out.

I think from the end, so im noticing after a knit row. 47
and these get repeated until the end

When I read that line I count 4 increases (KFB) and 4 decreases (K2tog and SKPO). Thus the total amount of stitches should not increase nor decrease after a full row. Try to check carefully what happens when you knit those. The mistake is probably in one of those.

I had counted that out but the 186 stitches isn’t enough to have 2 spare so im thinking that I cant finish the full row 2… I dont know if that makes sense

It’s on the end of my knitting row that I see it image0.jpeg
So I have over 200 stitches instead of 186

Could you post a picture of your blanket?

It’s getting longer on the side with the spare yarn. Where I’ve started a new colour