Increasing stitches

The pattern says to increase 1 stich (garter) at every other end.
Can anyone explain what this means please, I kind of understand how to add a stitch but I’m just not really sure where I add it based on those instructions.
If it helps is a fox scarf with triangular ends (day 1 of knitting so this is all very very new to me)
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Can you give us a link to the pattern or the exact pattern name, please?
Is that an exact quote of the direction? “increase 1 stich (garter) at every other end”?

Thanks. Increase at the beginning of every row. So that would be increase at the beginning of row 1, at the beginning of row 2 etc. That’ll give you the ~symmetrical increase shown in the photo

Since it’s garter stitch I would just use a KFB (knit front back) increase, too. Those are nearly invisible in garter stitch. It doesn’t say whether to increase at the very end or not, but I think it would work to increase one stitch in so the edge remains even. What do you think @salmonmac?

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That sounds like very good advice to me. Thanks, Jan.