Increasing Sleeves.... Help Please!

I am currently knitting a tunic for a 4 year old and I am stuck on the increase for the sleeves.
The pattern reads:

Repeat the row increase every following alt row 2 (0) times, every following 4th row (5) times, every following 6th row (0) times.
Continue until in stst pattern is 16 cm.

What does this mean? Do I knit 6 more rows 5 times increasing at every row 4?
This is what I am reading it as, but I think this will make my knitting much more than just 16 cm?

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.:frowning:

Does it give a stitch count somewhere in the pattern? That’s very helptul when trying to read a confusing pattern.

Thanks so much for getting in touch!!

Yes, the stitch count is 63 increasing to 73 over the rows.

The increase I understand; it’s K1, M1, K to last stitch, M1, K1.

The pattern reads:

Sleeve Increases:
Next Row. K1, M1, K to last stitch, M1, K1 (63 stitches.)
Rep this increase row on every foll alt row 2 (0 times.) on every foll 4th row (5 times) then every foll 6th row (0 times.) for 73 stitches.

Cont in stst until work measures 16cm,

Hi and welcome to KH!
Any direction that needs to be repeated 0 times for your size can be skipped. So for these directions you only need to increase every following 4th row, x5.
If you call the initial row (which is called “next row” in the directions) row 1, then you would increase on rows 5,9,13,17 and 21. Since you’re increasing at each end of the row, that’ll be 10sts increased.