Increasing Size Question

I’ve seen some cute stuff, but, alas, I’m not a model, so they don’t fit. Is there a way to correctly increase the number of stitches to increase the size of a garment? Like a formula or (please god) a calculator online?

In patterns where they give several sizes, say small-medium-large, you can subtract the number of stitches for the smaller size from the number of stitches in the next-larger size and get a number. Do this for each size larger, and you’ll see a pattern. For example, maybe each size adds 6 stitches on to what the next-smaller size calls for.

Then you can take the largest size and add that differential [6 stitches in our example] to the stitches at that same step. This would give you, say, the equivalent of an extra-large. Want an extra-extra-large? Double the differential [in our example, it’d be 12 stitches]. And so on.

Just be sure to keep verifying the differences between the number of stitches at every step in your pattern - 6 stitches for casting-on, 4 stitches for armhole decrease, etc. - so you keep the same width dimensions.

And the length-wise measurements likely stay the same, of course.


Thanks! I thought that would work, but I was hoping for a calculator or something since I don’t trust myself with math. :slight_smile:

I’ll just keep track of everything I guess. Now I can make that awesome dress I saw in Knit.1!

[.html"]This]([1) was all I could find amongst my links, you need to download the software to your computer. It’s freeware.

This site has a small, free program that allows you to input your old size/gauge info and your new numbers and it’ll calc the changes for you. I’ve used it many times and very helpful for redesigning.


Wow, thanks guys! I’ll download them as soon as I get home!

I was wondering the same thing…I am trying to “work” a sweater for a “toddler” working from a “baby” pattern…I keep going up a few sizes in needles, but that’s making the pattern look funky…So if the pattern gives you the measurements do you have to “play around” with the finished measurements too? or just work with the given stitch numbers? Thanks

You would need to stay reasonably close to the same size needle and same weight yarn. The dimensions would have to be adapted to a toddler’s body - longer waist, longer sleeves, etc. As well as the width/number of stitches.

Depends a lot on the pattern stitch, as well as the differential between the given sizes.

Another thought would be to find a very basic toddler pattern with about the same size needles and yarn weight - then adapt that to your little precious one.


Thanks for the input…problem is I can not (for the life of me) find a basic long sleeved “shrug”(short length) no button front, one needle pattern,so I am trying to adapt this one: to fit. She is a very petite 6 year old with small dimensionsCrossed Fingers so I upped the needle to 10…:hug: