Increasing shoulder size in raglan sleeve pattern

I am knitting a sweater from top down (fitted knits-Japel) and am wondering how to increase the shoulder room on the raglan sleeves. I am a very small size but the raglan sleeves patterns always seem snug in the shoulder area. The more stitches I increase in the raglan pattern (to make the underarm hang longer) the wider the whole garment becomes.

Allocate those extra stitches to the sleeve sections only, not evenly distributed across. You could cast on the sts for the small, but add extra that would equal the sleeve sts in the medium. So the fronts and back would have the correct stitch number for the small, while the sleeves would have the stitch number for a medium. When you get to the underarm, you can dec the sleeve stitch number before you work the actual sleeve.

Hey thanks. I was under the impression that I had to increase stitches on both sides of the sleeve marker, so as to continue the diagonal stitch pattern that results in a raglan sleeve.

I was talking about the cast on stitches. The increases along the raglan will be the same. But you start out with more stitches at the cast on row on the sleeve sections than you should.

Say for instance the CO is 90 sts for size small and you would divide them 30 for the back, 30 for the front and 15 each for the sleeves. But you need more stitches for the sleeves so you might CO 96 sts and divide them 30 for the front, 30 for the back, but 18 each for the sleeves. Then do the increases at the markets exactly the same.

Yes, I’ve got it now!

Yay!!! Hope it works out.