Increasing rows for sleeves


I am doing a baby top down sweater and now am doing the sleeves. As per the patter there are 29 sts for sleeves and its all to be completed in stockinette pattern.

This is what pattern says:

Row1 (WS): Purl F&B of 1st st, purl till last, Purl F&B os last st (31 sts)

I think i need more than 31 stitches since i like the sleeves to be bit loose and have some area underarms. So here is the question:

I want to increase total 4 sts so doo i need to increase all the 4 sts on Row1 or can i increase 2 on row1 and anothere two on row2? Which looks better and will is the correct way?

Help Please…:??

Usually on a top down sleeve you’ll be decreasing. Can you link to the pattern, or post the name of it?


this is the pattern. also one more thing I dint get the guage right. Mine is 5 sts per inch.


I think you could increase in a couple of ways. You could continue the raglan increase rows as you work from the top down for one more row. That’ll increase the sleeves (and also the back and fronts). Then you could increase 2sts on each side in row one. This may be a good way to go since your gauge is so much smaller (more sts per inch).
Or you could increase 2sts on each side in row one of the sleeves and then increase one st on each side in row 2. Either will give you 4 extra sts and extra fullness in the sleeve at the upper arm.

Right, do some more increase rows, you’ll probably need more stitches on the body too because you have a smaller gauge. Do this until the back stitches measure about 12½". That’s how large the sweater is supposed to measure with a 4 st per inch gauge. That will also increase the sleeves, and then on the last row before dividing the sleeve and body stitches, do the inc at the beginning and end of the row as it says in the pattern. That should give you about 40 sts or so on the sleeves.