Increasing Question

Hi everybody!

I’m looking for some advice. I’ve just started my first jumper (only really done scarfs, blankets and a couple of pairs of booties up till now), and I think it’s going to be a bit too small. I did knit a gauge before I started which was also a bit small so I increased the needle size by 1mm. I’m now thinking I should knit the next size up as well, I’d rather the jumper was a bit roomier.

I’ve done about 12 rows so far in ribbing, is it possible to (easily) add extra stitches to each row so that I’m knitting the jumper for the next size up? Or would I be better starting again since I’m not too far in to the project?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Honestly, I would knit a gauge swatch with the needle size you selected. I have found that I sometimes have to go up more than one needle size to get gauge.

Also, I would BLOCK my gauge swatch to make sure I was getting the gauge I thought I was getting…

If you insert increases in your current work, you really risk it becoming strangely shaped.

If the ribbing is for a waist band, and the body of the sweater is stockinette or another stitch, you could increase sts on the last row of the ribbing.

Thanks to both of you for the replies. I’ll try what Suzeeq suggested and see how I get on, thank you! :smiley: