Increasing on fisherman's rib


I’m currently knitting the Fisherman’s Rib jumper by Jo Sharp and am onto the sleeves. however I’ve come across across a problem.

the pattern states :

cast on 7sts, knit 1 row. cont working Pattern Repeat AT THE SAME TIME, inc 2 sts at beg every WS row, 9 times.

Pattern Repeat :
RS - Sl1 *K1B, P1; rep from * to end.
WS - Sl1 *P1, K1B; rep from * to end.

K1B = knitting below st on needle.

so i’m wondering when does the WS start? after i knit the first row, or is the knit one row the WS and the cast on the RS. [although i’ve been knitting for quite a few years, this was something that hasn’t stuck with me :shock: ]

also i’m finding it really difficult to keep the pattern of the rib looking consistent, cause i’m not to sure how to increase especially if i’m increasing into K1B. Further on in the pattern it then asks to inc 4 sts at the beg of WS row and i’m not sure how to keep the rib pattern consistent. :thinking:

any help would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

There is a picture of the finished project here

I usually consider the first row the right side row unless the pattern tells me otherwise, so I’d work the second row as the ws row.

Also, since they have you increasing stitches a the beginning of the row, I’d probably do a backward loop on those --or some other kind of cast on at the end of the rs row and count that as the beginning of the ws row.

For increasing on sleeves, you really just have to try to match the pattern the best you can. Count backwards from where the pattern is established and see what those stitches should be. If, though, you’re supposed to do a k1b on the first row of your increase, obviously you can’t, so just go with a regular k stitch. It will all merge together.

thanks Ingrid…

i actually attempted to do a bit more of it then i had when i first wrote my first post and found that the inc of 2 wasn’t too bad, but as soon as i got into inc 4 it just got so messy.

cause although it’s k1, p1 type rib, i don’t know what to do on the inc of each stitch on the WS, cause on the other side [RS] it throws out the pattern.

but i might undo the stitching that i’ve done and try your casting on idea. does that still work in the same way as increasing? i can imagine it would.

thanks so much for your help, i just feel so confused over this part of the pattern. :shock:

I actually think he casting on for the increases would work better for this pattern since you won’t be affecting the stitches that are in pattern already–just adding to them.

After reading your suggestion i tried the casting on idea that you suggested and it worked so much better… i feel so much better about it now cause the pattern flows easier and even more so at the inc 4. i can’t stand when it looks like a mess or the pattern doesn’t flow.

thank you so much for your help :smiley: