Increasing Moss Blanket

Can anyone provide me with advice on how to increase on this particular stitch pattern. Thanks

Multiple of 2 + 1

Row 1 (RS): k into front and back of each st
Row 2: k2tog, *p2tog, k2tog; rep from *
Row 3: Rep Row 1
Row 4: p2tog, *k2tog, p2tog; rep from *

Rep Rows 1-4.

The increase is `knit into front and back of each st’. Knit into the stitch, leave it on the needle and knit again into the back leg of it. You can find a video on the Increase page, it’s also called a bar increase.

Thanks Sue. I am starting on the sleeve of this project now, I need to increase keeping this same pattern, how do I do I increase whilst keeping the same pattern?

The sleeve increases will be done at both ends of a row. Do row 1 as written, but on row 2, k2 separately then p2 tog, k2tog, etc until the last 2 sts, and again, knit or purl them separately. I think that would work out…