Increasing length of cardigan

Hi, can anyone help with this?

I’ve completed the front and back but now it looks like the back is too short! no idea how that happened but is there a way to increase the length? i knitted from bottom to top. I can unravel the rib at the bottom but how do i increase and then rib again? do i use the same method as i did when i first started, except i st-st and then rib instead of vice-versa?


I’ve lengthened and shortened sweaters using this method.

This video from Eunny Jang is also very helpful (see the 1:30 minute point).

The one thing to remember is that knitting won’t easily unravel from the bottom. That’s why you have to cut and pick up sts.

Thanks again Salmonmac!

As a learner it’s great to be able to pick more experienced brains! I appreciate your help.