Increasing in the round

Hello fellow knitters,

The pattern says to “inc one st in first st” and I am knitting in the round. What type of increase do I need to use? If I use a nice, discreet little M1L, do I need to alternate with M1R every other increase?

If it helps; this is a sweater made from the top down, so I am actually increasing at set markers in four spots so as to form separations for the sleeves, back and front.

I’ll be waiting, exasperated but sure of your good suggestions! Thanks!

It really doesn’t make a difference with knitting in the round. I prefer kfb… but if you prefer M1L and M1R then use those and just place them so that they are slanting the way you want them to…

Here is where you can see which way different decreases slant…

Thank you for your answer! Now I can get going on this project, it has me so preoccupied that I am up knitting at 5, instead of meditating or writing or anything else I “should” be doing. I will try kfb and see how that looks, hurrah, I can start!

When a pattern says to increase [B]in[/B] a stitch, they usually mean kfb.

You’re right! I finally remembered that that was what I did the first time I knit this pattern. It creates a pattern along the shoulder “seams” that another stitch would not make.

I appreciate your answers!