Increasing in sweater sleeves - my first sweater

Hi everyone,

I am making a cabled pullover as my first sweater. I’ve got the front and the back done…just now working on the sleeves.

For the sleeves the directions say:
Cast on 24 Stitches (done)
Row 1 (RS) K2, {P2,K4} 3 times, P2, K2 (done)
Then it says:
Cont in rib as established, inc 1 st each side (working inc sts into k4, p2 rib) every 6th row 3 times - 30 sts. Work even until piece measures 7", end with a WS row (then there’s some more stuff with a chart)

So I make the first inc in the 2nd row? Then again in the 3rd row?
Do I make each set of increases in a different P2,K4 rib?
Do I start the inc in the middle P2, K4 and then go side to side?
Is this increase just a YO? Or ?

I’m sorry for my confusion. Maybe this is intuitive to long time knitters… I’m perplexed. :help:

Any help anyone could provide would be much appreciated. I feel like a knit-wit.


No, don’t do the first inc until row 6, then on the 12th, 18th and 24th rows. Do not do a YO, try a M1 or kfb. You would probably do the incs in from the edge sts, I think right after the beginning k2 and before the end k2 would work. Keep those sts in k2 on the RW/p2 on the WS all the way up. You do know that to keep to the rib pattern, you don’t just repeat row 1, but knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts as they appear on the row you’re doing.

Thank you! I thought that inc each side it meant on the RS and then inc on the WS. I understand now it means on each side of the rib.

It seems like I’ll be increasing on the WS rows, so I’m going to go look at how to do a M1 stitch.


Inc each side means each side edge of the piece, or each end of the row. And since it’s basically ribbing, it doesn’t necessarily mean a `WS inc’, just do any M1 inc and that should work fine.

Sorry - I’m confused again (in the meantime I’ve finished the neck)… Ok, it says:

Next Row (RS) K5, P2, work 16 sts of sleeve chart, P2, K5. Cont in pat as established, inc 1 st each side (working inc sts into K4, P2 rib) [COLOR=Magenta]every 2nd row 2 times, every forth row 9 times…[/COLOR]

What on earth does the pink text mean?

Thank you!

Do the incs every other row twice, then every 4th row for 9 times.

Thanks, suzeeq!
I wish patterns would say near each edge instead of each “side” especially when there’s an RS and a WS. They also shouldn’t leave out important words like “then” after a comma.
Anyhoo, I guess I’m just not an intuitive knitter.
Thanks again!