Increasing in sleeve help

Hi! I am working on the sleeves for the Love craft bubble stitch cardigan and am having a lot of trouble with staying in pattern with the increases.

I understand that the stitches that make up the pattern need to stay making the pattern throughout to keep the pattern correct. I have attached a picture of me attempting to do that but it has left me with large areas of no pattern at each end of the work.

I am increasing at each end of the row that is increasing.

These are the two pattern stitches:

row 6 (rs) using B K3 K4 below
*K3, K4 below, rep from * to last 3 sts, K3

row 12 (rs) using A K2,
K4 below, *K3, K4 below, rep from * to last 2 sts

I have also drawn it out to try make sense but currently the way I have done it in the photo is the only way it fits the pattern for me, so I am probably missing something!

I hope this makes sense!

Welcome to the forum!

Your version of the Bubble cardigan is lovely.
When there aren’t enough stitches to complete a pattern repeat, then working in stockinette as you have done is your best option. When you get to the point where you have enough sts either side of the sleeve, then work a pattern repeat on those sts.
It may help to see and count the sts on either side of the pattern stitches if you place markers before and after the section of pattern. Then you can more easily count the stockinette sts to determine if there are enough to complete the pattern repeat.
This article may be more about decreasing but it also may help with increase in pattern (scroll down a bit).

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Love this combination of colours you’ve chosen, it’s going to look fabulous.

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Sweet as, Thank you!