Increasing in Shawl Pattern?

[SIZE=“2”][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]Hello Everyone,

I’ve been knitting a shawl using Judy Pascale’s Shawlette pattern using Euroflax linen (for the first time) and things were going along nicely until…:?? I dropped a stitch in the middle where I increase 1 stitch right before the marker, k1, slip next marker, and increase one stitch again.

When I dropped the stitch my marker fell out and in trying to fix my mistake the other marker fell out as well! :???: So, my question is that since this shawl is done in garter stitch, how can I tell for sure that I’ve put my markers back in the correct place and not over one or two stitches?

I know there’s supposed to be an uninterupted knit stitch running up the center of the shawl, but after staring at it time after time, I’ll be darned if I can see it for sure. :?? HELP, please. Here is a link for a picture of it before I dropped said stitch and markers.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

If you look closely, you should be able to see your increases on the previous row, especially since you can narrow it down to a small area like the center of the piece.

Barring that, can you count your stitches and find your center knit st that way?

I would put in a lifeline now, and then do the best you can. If it turns out to be off a st or 2, then at least you can frog back and move it over a little easier.