Increasing in second stitch from edge

I am working on Elann’s Sonata Crest of the Wave tank, and am stuck almost right away.

Specifically, this line in the Crest of the Wave Rows:
Rows 5, 7, 9, 11: k1, *(k2tog)x2, (yo, k1)x3, yo, (k2tog-tbl)x2, k1

The instructions say to increase in the second stitch from the edge, but I am finding it difficult to do that. The first stitch has been knit, so is on my right needle, when I increase by kf&b of the second stitch then I have 3 stitches on my right needle… So would I move the two stitches back to the left needle to k2tog?

Any help would be appreciated, I have searched Elann’s site and also this forum (saw the KAL) but haven’t been able to find specifically the fix to my problem!


I wouldn’t move them back.

I think I’d probably do a m1 stitch between the k1 and k2tog to avoid using any of the stitches for the lace pattern, at least on the first increase.

After that, you can kfb into that stitch from the m1.

Do you think that would work?

You can kfb on the first stitch, or use M1 between the 1st and 2nd sts or KLL on the 1st st. Go to the Increase section for how to do these incs if you don’t know them.

I did try to move them back and it didn’t look very good - at least on the one line.

Thanks for your help I will play with one of the shoulders today until I’m happy with it.