Increasing in ribbing

I am new to this forum, but so excited to find such a resourceful website! I am making a sweater that has ribbed sleeves (k2, p2) I have to increase every 6th row on each end of the row. But then that would mean my first 3 and last 3 stitches are k3 or p3 instead of k2, p2. Is this the way it’s supposed to be? I hope this question made sense!!

Jennifer :XX:

It makes perfect sense, and welcome to the forum! When you increase in pattern for sleeves, it’s often hard to keep the pattern exact. You can, if you want, knit and purl into the last stitch for your increase, or vice versa, but unless you find the extra stitch really objectionable, you can just increase on the one row and then incorporate the extra st into the pattern on the next row.

Thanks so much for the quick reply!!!

jenny c :XX: