Increasing in rib?

hi, i’m a newbie from toronto canada - and this looks like a great place for help and more. thanks amy!! i’m knitting a rib scarf for my uncle (who’s 83) and i thought an increase and then a few extra cast-on stitches would be nice around the neck for when his collar was up. tried a few increases from here and my memory (like a sieve with the holes getting bigger everyday) but haven’t liked the results. i’m sure there is a pattern for this. any help greatly appreciated, thanks :frog:


I think your best bet for increasing is to do it on the edge, and then work those stitches in the ribbing as it’s been established.

So let’s say that your first increase row is kpkp all the way across.
I’d increase in the first stitch by doing a p and k in the first stitch, and end with a p,k in the last stitch. I hope this makes sense.

This way you can kind of start and end the row with the intended stitch (it’s not perfect) and then work them into the pattern on the next row. It looks good, though, kind of like the ribs are growing out of the sides.

and to be contrary…
i like the increases at least 1 rib in
VVuuVVuuVVuuVVuuVV(your rib)


the [COLOR=Red]RED [/COLOR]stitches are the increases

you note, they ‘break pattern’ (at point there are 4V’s in a row.

but i think this looks OK and i really like the 'single rib edge’
the next increase would go at this point [COLOR=Red]|

thanks for the good idea Of Troy! even I will thank you!! good idea!
BTW, it looks awesome on here.

hey, of troy, i think my problem is related to trying to keep a selvage stitch on the ends. slip one purlwise, knit first stitch with the increase the rib k1p1 is looking off. any help would be great. love your blog - nice cap!! - think i might try your latest facecloth pattern. best always, madchives.