Increasing in knit2 purl 2

Hello, I just joined and I’m so happy I found this forum. I’ve been searching around for an answer to this question but was unable to find one. I am adding the knit2 purl2 ribbing band on a sweater. The front panels, at the neck, create a corner. After picking up all the required stitches, I am to knit2 purl2. At the two corner stitches on both front panels, the pattern says to increase one stitch before and after the corner stitch eor. I’m assuming eor means every other row right? Here are my questions:

  1. what is the best method to increase in a ribbing pattern? Through the front, through the back or as a normal cast on?
  2. when you increase, do you now count that as one of the knit/purl stitches? In other words, do you make the increase then knit or purl it?
  3. How do you keep the pattern on the next row? Do you end up knitting 3? What happens when you increase a few more rows? Will you end up knitting 5 or 6? This doesn’t sound right.

I haven’t knitted for some time and I’m pretty rusty, but it’s starting to come back.

What I would do is do a M1 increase between the stitches, either knitting or purling it as that stitch would be if the pattern continued.

So if you have kkppkkppkk Corner ppkkppkkppkk
it would change to kkppkkppkkp Corner kppkkppkk, then
on the next increase kkppkkppkkpp Corner kkppkkppkk

See what I mean?

Um… I think so:?? I’ll give it a try. Thanks

I tried it but I’m still unclear on this. I’ve almost got my head around it, but…

You have kkppkkppkk Corner ppkkppkk -
Here is what I did:
kkppkkppkk, M1, Corner st, M1, and this is where I get lost. In this example, is the first M1 purled, then the corner st purled, then the second M1 knitted along with the next stitch? You can see my confusion when you do the next row and then increase again in the next row.

Then you have kkppkkppkkp Corner kppkkppkk, I can see you have only 1 purl then M1, corner st, M1, then 1 knit. I’m so lost here.

I think I would keep the corner stitch in knit all the way through. This way the ribbing would look like it was blending into it.

This way you’d have

kkppkkppkk. . M1 K M1 ppkkppkkppkk
kkppkkppkk. . p. K k ppkkppkk (how it would look on the rs)
kkppkkppkkp. M1 K M1 kppkkppkkppkk
kkppkkppkkpp. . .K. . . .kkppkkppkkppkk

Thanks again, I’ll go back and try again.