Increasing in cable pattern at sleeve edge

I’m knitting a cotton jumper for a friend’s birthday present, all went well for front and back as the pattern is mostly clear and straightforward. Unfortunately though it is not so clear in regards to the sleeve increase in P1,C6B,P1,K6 cable pattern. Once I had enough increased stitches on the outer edge I started the actual cable but I’ve now realised this might look a bit odd when the sleeves are sewn up as there will be a plain area lower down and then two ‘cables’ close together higher up the sleeve. Perhaps it is better just to keep in pattern but without the cables, but then there would be a large area of no cable at all which when made up may also look slightly strange…IYSWIM. Any input would be much appreciated as I haven’t really had much experience with cable and I can’t find an exact answer already posted. Many thanks

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This is such a thoughtful birthday gift.
Actually, the method you’ve just described (the cables at first worked next to each other) looks quite nice when seamed. Depending on how many increases there are, the cables start next to each other and then seem to flow out from the center seam and gradually separate as the P1, K6 comes between them. I like to put a stitch at each edge for seaming so the cable doesn’t initially become caught in the seam.

Your knitting is lovely and even. It’ll be a very nice sweater.

Thank you, although it’s not perfect by any means! Also thanks for the (as usual) very helpful reply. Good tip re the extra stitch to prevent cable catching in the seam. There are only two more increase rows so unfortunately the cables won’t spread out much but I guess there’s not much I can do about it…and I’m probably overthinking this anyway!

I’ll just point out that this seam is hidden by the arm most of the time, so whichever you do, it’ll look just fine.

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Yes, you’re right…not likely to be inspected closely! :slightly_smiling_face:

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“Excuse me…can I look at the seams in your armpit??” :smile:

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Would you believe a colleague at work grabbed my sweater and turned the hem inside out to inspect the INSIDE of my seaming! But, I agree, most people don’t invade personal space quite so brazenly.

@Marigold5 your sweater sleeves are going to look great which ever way you do them. I like cables appearing a stitch out from the seam but also many patterns have cables just up the central part where there are no increases and these also look lovely.

:astonished: :roll_eyes:!