Increasing in a rib pattern

I am working on a pattern that has me increasing in a 2x2 pattern at a marker every row, but I am having a hard time keeping the pattern. I also have to cast on 5 sts at the beginning of each WS row (I start with 6 sts, then K2, pm, P2, K2). Every time I try to do this I end up with a big mess. I am also not sure which M1 I should do. If there is any one who can help me find out how to do this I would really be gratefull. Thank you.:??

Where is the pattern from? Is there a link?

what kind of make 1? what ever kind you want, just be consistent.

this sort of increase(or decrease) for ribbing is my favorite…

VV|uuVVuuVV (row 1-|=marker, the bold is the new stitch, below)

VV|[B]V[/B]uuVVuuVV…Row1, first increases
VV|VuuVVuuVV…Row 2 (no increase)
VV|[B]V[/B]VuuVVuuVV…Row 3, second increase
VV|VVuuVVuuVV…Row 4 (no increase)
VV|[B]u[/B]VVuuVVuuVV…Row 5, third increase
VV|uVVuuVVuuVV…Row 6 (no increase)
VV|[B]u[/B]uVVuuVVuuVV…Row 7, fourth increase
VV|uuVVuuVVuuVV…Row 8(no increase)

It seems weird at Rows 1 to 6–the 'rib pattern is broken… but actually it looks fine when worked—

I’ve worked decreases in the same pattern… on hats (and because on hats, there are more increase, there are at times, 6 Knits (V’s in this diagram) in a row… but surprizingly, it still end up looking like 2 X2 rib pattern.

The pattern is from a book “Total Knitting Fashions” by Mari Lynn Patrick

thank you. I will practice the increase first and then try adding on the 5 cast ons.