Increasing in a rib for sleeves

Hi there,
I’m working on sleeves for a sweater. the pattern is k4, p2 for a row, p4 k2 for the next… I’ve been using yarn over since I’ve never increased before and it looks like the easiest one to use. But it just doesn’t look right. I think the pattern is throwing me off because sometimes I have to add a knit and sometimes a purl and if you’ve never done it before, its kind of confusing. I feel like I’m doing it right and I’m taking my time, but like i said it just doesn’t look completely right. Is that normal? Also, I LOVE the videos you put online they have been a HUGE help to me.:woohoo:

Thanks for your time


A YO will make a hole and unless you want it for a decorative effect, you’d use another increase here. There are several shown on the Increases page. If the next row after the inc rows is all knit or purl because it changes over to stockinette, then it won’t matter, and you might want to inc on that row. If it’s rib all the way up, and you’re doing the incs at the edges or 1 st in, then do the other sts in a rib pattern - knit what look like knits and purl what look like purls.