Increasing in a lace pattern

Hullo! I’m new to this forum and a beginner knitter. My question is about a lace pattern in a triangular shawl, which is knitted in garter stitch and then has a lace section. The pattern reads:
Row 61: k1 (yo, k2tog)* repeat to the end of the row
Row 62: (k2tog, yo)* repeat until the last st, k1
To me, it looks like there are no increases here, as each yo is cancelled out by a k2tog. Is that right? If I want to add an increase, to keep the triangular shape, how would I do it? Hope somebody can shed some light …

You’re right. The pattern on these 2 rows doesn’t increase or decrease for just the reason you gave. This may be part of the pattern however. What pattern are you using? Can you give us a pattern name or link? (Not the whole pattern please, due to copyright problems.)

Thanks for getting back to me. It’s a Ravelry pattern (‘Magic and Mohair shawl’). In part 1 you cast on 3 s, then
Row 1: k2, yo, k1 [4]
Row 2: k2, yo, k to end of row [5]
Row 3: k to 2 st before end of row, yo, k2
Row 4-60: Repeat Row 2 and 3 until you have 63 stitches.
Then you continue with the lace section, as per the pattern I quoted. I’m not sure how to adapt the lace part so that I can keep increasing evenly.

The designer has a note on the Ravelry page about stitch count. “it is only important that you start the next section when you have the correct stitch count of 63.” It seems that this stitch count is important for the lace pattern so unless you want to alter the lace pattern itself, it’s worth staying with the pattern.
If you want to keep increasing, you could do so as in rows 1 and 2 with yarn overs 2sts from the ends. You’ll have to keep the 2 end sts separate from the lace pattern so it might be well to add in markers here. Also, you’ll need to figure out how to treat the increase sts, as part of the edges or incorporated into the lace pattern as it progresses.

Fantastic. Thank you so much – that helps a lot!