Increasing in a diamond pattern

I’m making a baby sweater that has a diamond pattern in the sleeves. I’m supposed to increase periodically at each end of the sleeve and don’t know how to do this and still keep the diamond pattern intact. Any ideas?

Is the diamond part of the pattern in a book or something you’ve chosen to include? I would have thought just following the pattern would have kept the integrity of the design?

When you have to increase in pattern, you have to imagine the pattern expanding outward. So when you work the increase on the right edge you have to work the stitch that would come before the stitch at the edge.

On the left edge, it’s a bit easier because you continue to work in pattern.

If there are yo’s though, you should make sure that there’s a k2tog to balance it off.

Or, you could take the easy way and work the increases in stockinette. It’s under the arm, it’s a baby sweater, and you can decide it’s part of the pattern.

Thanks, Susan. After reading your answer earlier this morning, I decided to see how I could make it part of the pattern - I sketched it out better and I think I can do it that way.

Hi Ingrid. Thanks for the reply. I got one other reply and between the two answers, I think I can do it. I just needed to sketch out the pattern better - I don’t think I could have done it in my head!

Thanks for getting back to me!